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“Success of life doesn’t depend upon what happens in your life, but how you react to what happens in your life“. Due to the advancement of the modern age and improper Lifestyle, there has been an increase in the competition in all circles of life especially in work culture.

Stress, Time constraint, Travelling, Deadlines, working at odd hours has become a challenge to balance Life in all dimensions.

To be Successful in life, not only one needs to be in knowledge but one has to also apply that knowledge to gain wisdom & the body is the  medium which helps us to attain our goals with correct knowledge and wisdom through appropriate action.

Therefore one has to take proper care of the Body which is a combination of Senses, Mind and Soul that is you, but in the present scenario Poor energy levels, Fatigue, Weight problems, Hypertension, Joint pains, Spinal problems and many more  serious issues are being  faced by the  Employees. Yog helps to maintain that Harmony between Body, Mind and Soul

PADMA YOG brings wellness time for you at your workplace to beat the stress and to live a life in a most effective and efficient manner.

Yog and meditation help you to create that balance between your personal life and work life.

It will empower you to develop stronger binding with your inner self and outside world equally.

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 If you think with a cool head whatever you do in your life ? why do you do ?

Then the Ultimate answer which you could come to Is HAPPINESS.

Every single Living entity is in search for Happiness but the Fact is Nobody is actually Happy. One may say they are experiencing happiness, but is that happiness permanent or temporary. Well everyone knows happiness in this world is like a Sine wave. It comes and goes. We try to find the Happiness outside but the secret is its lying within you. One just has to prepare himself to taste that Permanent Happiness lying within oneself.

PADMAYOG offers you Smile program which will help you to discover that Love and Happiness dormant within you.

Smile program will enable you to change your perspective towards Life and heal the stress with simple techniques and strong meditations to let go of what was to live happily & enthusiastically there by offering you a purpose and meaning to your beautiful life.


This program is weaved beautifully with Stretches, Asanas, Games, creativity, Mindfulness and bringing that awareness in your life “The secret You with unseen possibilities”, creating a wave of joy and peace in you and experiencing Life with Yoga philosophy.

  So why not just make your smile very interesting for yourself and others  too!.






Womens Solutions


Women are more emotional and even experience a lot of hormonal changes in their different phases of life, sometimes it becomes very difficult to handle mind and emotions with the changing phases in life.

Weight gain, Thyroid problems, Hypertension, Pcod are the common problems these days seen in women and if you neglect, it can worsen to depressions, anxiety and much more.

YOG poses massage organs, tones body, strengthen muscles, provide better blood circulation and strong immune system. Breathing techniques and meditation release stress, increase lung volume and heart efficiency.

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The pre/post-natal period in a woman’s life is a time in which she needs to attend to her well being & focus on her Physical, Emotional & Spiritual well being. As it directly affects her new born baby.

Sessions will help to experience of motherhood with more awareness and understand the transition as well as empower women to connect with their own beliefs and values regarding mothering.

Post-Natal YOG also offers a holistic from of exercise for women specifically focused on the needs of the women, including pelvic and abdominal reconditioning and back and neck problems arising from pregnancy and breastfeeding.




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Kids yoga


School education is quantitative education. YOGA is qualitative education.


YOGA poses for kids will help them in directing their impulses and energies in an effective manner. Different poses bring the right kind of attitude and stability in them.

Playing different games with them to instill concepts of Duty and RIGHTEOUSNESS, and bringing about an experience of AWARENESS, EXCELLENCE and CREATIVITY in the kids

Good habits and food awareness is also bought about in this program through interaction and games.

 A childs PHYSICAL, BEHAVIOURAL, EMOTIONAL, COGNITIVE, SOCIAL and most importantly  SPIRITUAL aspects of his life all this come together in YOGA, which creates certain beliefs, his thinking pattern, his feelings which will increase his self esteem and confidence to take appropriate actions in his life and eventually helps to develop Good Character.

YOGA will churn the nectar from your child in the form of increased Positivity, Creativity , Relaxation of Mind and Body empowering them to excel in their studies,encouraging them to bloom out of their own expectations.

We have different workshops  for different age groups from 8-13 years & 14-18 years.

We also cater for excellence programmes in schools and colleges to improve the ability to concentrate and overcome all kinds of fear.




ashtanga yoga



Move your body and calm your mind of anxiety with authentic YOG Asanas and Pranayams. 60 mins of exceptional session before, during and after work hours designed to suit as per individual needs.





Invocation Prayers For Patanjali


 Teacher Training Course


At Padmayog we desire to create Healthy, Skillful, Sensitive, Conscientious and Grateful individual . The objective of this Training project is to impart authentic Yoga Knowledge  based on the teaching of Sage Patanjali Muni. To reflect and make Trainers realise the actual Purpose of Yoga as it is , based on the Teaching of Bhagvad Gita. There by creating qualified and motivating yoga instructors who should be able to draw on their own practice and personal discipline in imparting the yoga experience to others.

The educational program is in view of the original purposes of yoga and is based on the Panchakosa module , the five layers of body, Which helps to form and focuses on overall development of Individual leading to create , harmony in Family, Society, Community & Nation at Large.


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About Us



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“I had felt reborn. The whole experience of Yoga helped me develop my awareness past myself and blend it with my external world; I was sure crisp as a bloom into each stroll of life. And I feel Yoga can inspire this change in everyone’s life.”

My  love  for  Yoga  sprouted  when  I  was  thirteen,  and   was  practicing  various Asanas (Postures) and  Trataka (Gazing) for improved concentration and Health. My interest kept growing even though I studied engineering and joined a corporate House. I completed my Comprehensive Yoga Teachers Training  hours from The Yoga Institute,  the  oldest  Yoga  institute  in India and also went through various schools of Yoga in India to understand In-depth Yoga therapy and Patanjali Yoga sutras. Certified  in Nutrition  affiliated from  American college of Sports Nutrition.

Fuelled by my desire to serve the society where stress related disorders are so prevalent I decided to start Yoga & Meditation training. My training affiliation has been with various Multinational companies, people all over the world and children. I  conduct workshops like Office yoga, Stress management, and Love yourself, which are all a different mix of Regular sessions on meditation, counselling, Mind management and Yoga .

Trained Therapists for Green leaf India clinic for Face yoga and health of our eyes with the introduction to Eye spa. I have conducted  camps in association with the oldest institute of yoga in India for children from various schools & colleges of Mumbai and also trained  physical trainers for Yoga in a project initiated by the Government of Gujarat and many other projects where people where involved for “MAKE HAPPINESS A HABIT AND WORK FIT”

While training I have witnessed that Traditional Yoga facilitates changing bad habits, doubts, breaking emotional patterns, allowing one to have a fresh start in life.

PadmaYog team of Yoga Teachers, Counsellors, Healers and Dieticians take intense care of each individual and make each ones life more Pleasant, Peaceful and Complete.

YOGA transforms a whole you for a healthy body, dynamism, confidence, and never ending joy within you where your world is perfect , where contentment lies within you and love is your nature!

Feel the wellness and freedom through various programs we offer. To transform the Old You to make a Complete You.






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