Yoga helps Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) !

Being Overweight , Excessive facial hair growth, irregular menstrual cycles have started to bother you?? Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common problems affecting women these days due to work pressure, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Stress and many other factors.It affects a woman’s menstrual cycle, fertility, hormones, insulin production, heart, blood vessels, and…

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Simple poses for strengthening of the Spine.

1.Tadasana (UPWARD  STRETCH) Stand erect, keep 1 foot distance Hands at respective sides Slowly Inhaling raise both your arms up simultaneously raise on your toes. Keep the arm touching the ear . Reach the maximum stretch position and maintain this position for few seconds. Rotate your arms backwards and bring them back slowly. Benefits– Stretches the…

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Remedies for Hypertension In Yoga

The word “Bhramari” originates from the sanskrit name bhramar which is Humming honey bee. The act of bhramari breathing smooths the psyche, diminishes the anxiety , celebral strains, outrage, tension or sleeping disorder down. This pranayama is extremely viable in accelerating the recuperating of body tissues.  It has a smoothing impact on whole sensory system,…

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Food thy medicine

One of the pillars of Yoga is food that is AHAR. Purpose of food is : Increase the duration of your life, purify the mind and aid bodily strength. Selection of the type of food defines not only the condition of your body but also your mind and intelligence. Wrong diet can make or break…

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Preparation For Yoga Practice

1.The best time for yoga practice is either early morning or late evenings. 2.A well ventilated , clean room should be selected or an open space outside. 3.Using a Mat is important, since all your energy resides in it. 4. Asanas should be done empty stomach, or atleast 3/4 hours after a meal, one hour…

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Kids Yoga

Children close their ears to advice but open their eyes to example! A lovely sight to see  a young girl imitating  her mothers actions during a yoga session with Malvi!  A child’s PHYSICAL, BEHAVIORAL, EMOTIONAL, COGNITIVE, SOCIAL and most importantly  SPIRITUAL aspects of  life all this come together in YOGA. Call Us for more details : 96196 09476

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PARVATASANA (Mountain pose)- For spine.

Steps Sit in  Sukhasana (Easy pose) ,Padmasana (Lotus pose ) or Ardha padmasana(Half lotus pose) and keep your spine erect  and chin parallel to the ground. Inhale raising both the hands above the head in Namaste position, Elbows should be straight and Arms , shoulder blades and Truck stretched upwards. Hold there for few breaths….

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Find the right cooler for life?

In this modern world of fast technology most of us love to sit in enclosed rooms with a whitebox giving us a cool environment and when u get inside the room after bearing the scorching heat during summers, How do you feel? You immediately say” haa…its soo good here” ! Yes! Yes ! You have…

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